Thursday, 8 August 2013

Jabardhasth Comedy Show Etv 8th August

Jabardhasth Comedy Show.this week theme is election
theme.all six teams are performed on the election theme.
Chandra acted as lossing candidate in elections.Dhan Raj
team performs on a debate incresing population in india.
venu makes a skirt on debate on election compain and
also other team are makes a super funny this
week chanti got the winner of this week.

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Friday, 2 August 2013

Jabardhasth Comedy Show etv 1st August

This week theme home theme.All six teams performs super
comedy this week shows stars with Dhan Raj team.
Dhan Raj performs Anchor role in this skirt.Dhan Raj makes
with phone kottu money pattu.audinace call to the anchor and
gess the picture.Dhan Raj talks continoulsy witt out breaking
this is very funny.chandra actes as dirctor and his herione gets
suddenly gets prgnency this is funny. venu actes as a oil promtor
this is good skirt in this week.

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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ali Business Man Spoof

Ali makes a Comedy with the Business Man Spoof.
Ali acted in Mahesh role in Business Man.Alli went
to the Maa office and he piravey for the best Actor
award in Maa Awards but maa officers get out the is really very fun to us.see this Funny video
and enjoy heartfully.

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Monday, 29 July 2013

Ali GabbarSingh Spoof

Ali Performs GabbarSingh spoof in Cine Maa Awards.ali
Acting as main role in this spoof Gabbarsingh.Suma
acted as a Baghalakshmi this character is actually perfomed
by the sruthihasan.Upcoming Comedian Chandra acted
as siddapa.all these three characters makes a lot of comedy.

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Ali And Suma Magadheera Spoof

Cini Maa Awards Ali and Suma makes super comedy with
thier performance.The Play Magadheera Spoof in this function.
Ali Acted as Kalabirava and Suma Acted as a Mitravinda.
These two acters performs simply superb.Ali get down the
hill sene is very funny to see.

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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Funny Scary Pranks

Funny Scard Videos are very funny to see.some of the
pranks are behind the guy are behind the
cupboard a man comes the room and opens the cupboard
door suddenly they shoked with the man dangrous face.
these type of sudden shocks are waiting for you .Don't
miss please watch this video.

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Ali Comedy in Cine Maa Awards

Ali and Suma makes a Superb comedy in Cine Maa Awards.
Arundathi Spoof  in Cine Maa Awards.Ali Acting as a Pasupathi
charcter in Arundhathi.Suma Acts as a Anushka. both are acting
super with this charcters.

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